Goals + Feedback = Motivation: An Interview with HR & leadership expert Bob Mendonsa

Several weeks ago I read a great blog post titled Steve Jobs on HR: do HR people really suck?  The article was written by HR and Organizational Development expert Bob Mendonsa.   I noticed Bob was located in Bellevue, near MeritShare’s Seattle headquarters so I quickly fired off an email to Bob asking for some time to meet and get this thoughts on the importance of employee engagement and recognition.

So we met for coffee and in one hour I was able to get a lifetime of wisdom and advice from Bob who runs an HR consulting firm and is the former Chief Human Resource Officer at Radia, SVP of Human Resources at Captaris, and VP of the Organizational Change Group at NeoPost.   Bob has done work for a lot of great companies, including T-Mobile, RSA Security, Nextel, Morgan Stanley, Pitney Bowes, Vegas.com, McKesson EFCU, University of Washington, Swedish Medical Center, and the Marriott Foundation

Here are couple of nuggets of HR advice we learned from Bob today:

  • Try to provide recognition that is spontaneous and in the moment, smaller but more frequent interaction is better.
  • Engagement surveys are a laborious process, try to break them down into a more digestible pieces.
  • Employees want to feel like they are making a difference, so explaining your company vision and values are important drivers of engagement and commitment
  • Focus on data-driven approaches to HR solutions

He also had some great one-liners ready-made for Twitter:

Question: Do companies need a business case to justify a recognition program?

Bob’s Response: “Companies that get it make intuitive decisions first, knowing they can get the data later to measure the results”

Question: What are your thoughts on Employee Engagement?

Bob’s Response: “Goals + Feedback = Motivation”

We recognize Bob by awarding him a MeritShare thought leader award and thank him for taking the time to guide us on MeritShare’s mission to give people the recognition they deserve.

You can follow Bob on Twitter @thehrdifference and The HROD Blog.