Say Thank You

Follow-up Fail
I’m amazed at the number of job applicants I have interviewed that fail to follow-up with a thank you note or email.  Except for engineering and technical positions, I won’t hire any business, sales, or marketing applicant if they don’t send a note.  As a consequence, I’ve had to reject some candidates.  I view the note like a background check,  the applicant must first earn the position based on their skill sets, experiences, and fit — the thank you note is on the “due diligence” check-off list.

Don’t HIre Someone Who Doesn’t Send A Follow-up Note:
The reason I reject candidates who fail to send the note is not that I expect some sort of gratitude, but I believe it is a true behavioral test of the candidates ability to follow-up and execute.  If the candidate fails to deliver on something as easy and free (email) as a thank you note, how will they perform on the job with colleagues and customers?  A resume can contain a lot of information about a candidate, but their behavior during and after an interview provides insights into how they might perform on the job.  I would never hire a candidate on this criteria alone, it’s just a basic requirement all good employees should follow.

Thank You Note Tips
The follow-up or thank you note also gives you another opportunity to make another great impression.  Consider the following ideas to include in a thank you note:

  • If you stumbled during a critical part of the interview, use the follow-up or thank you note to better explain your position & demonstrate your knowledge.
  • Make sure the potential employer knows you have the experience to deliver on the critical job requirements.  Provide an additional example of your relevant experience you didn’t bring up in the interview, giving the employer another proof point.
  • Many times an employer will mention a key challenge or opportunity they are facing.  Research the topic and find a relevant article and send a link in the follow-up note.  This shows the potential employer you were listening & stay current on relevant industry insights and information.
  • Block off time right after your interviews to send the thank you notes out.  With mobile devices, you can really impress by sending the note shortly after the interview.  Many companies need employees that can move faster and sending a note out quickly demonstrates this trait.

The most important action is to send the note.  If you don’t have time to utilize the above tips, a simple thank you will suffice.  Just do it, just say thank you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this ; ).