HR Roundup: Moving from HR Metrics to HR Analytics

Today’s HR Roundup brings a great post from the HR Examiner on a topic that is near and  dear to our hearts at MeritShare.  The importance of data to help drive decisions in your HR organization.

The post calls out the traditional HR metrics as something that is important, but really not actionable – cost per hire, time to fill, turnover, etc.  Instead, the author argues looking at your HR data set like a marketer would – segment your data down by job title, merge it with your other known data about performance information, satisfaction survey results, participation levels, etc and try to draw actionable conclusions from the metrics.  Perhaps satisfaction scores are a bit low across your entire organization on average, but only one of your managers has a below-average satisfaction score – might be time to reach out to that person as they are an anomaly within their department and may need a new challenge or professional change to reinvigorate them.

We’re excited to see the next round of technology change the way HR operates.  Google is already working on it and MeritShare is doing our part to contribute to the cause with our recognition indexes, organization and employee level metrics and snapshots into who is most and least engaged in the recognition program at your organization.

Learn more about HR Metrics vs. HR Analytics in the full post from Cathy Missildine over on HR Examiner.