Making People Decisions With Data

Have you heard about the “new” field of people analytics, using data as the poster nerd for reinventing human resources?

All other performance metrics like revenues and costs are tracked, so it seems logical that those related to the most important resource –people –are quantified into KPI’s.

Our own experience with companies using MeritShare  has shown that what gets measured gets done.    We have seen recognition activity increase with the addition of more feedback loops and analytics for both individuals and companies.  You can’t lose weight without a goal and a scale.  Several months ago we published a national recognition index and heatmap and data visualization of thanks being sent by US State.

Survey’s have always and will continue to be a key part of people analytics toolkit, but we are also starting to deploy other methods to measure and quantify the health of a company’s culture.  We recently published 4 Tips To Measure Action Based Engagement in HR Buddy, providing some thoughts on using more action-based people metrics.

Two of the best resources on how Google makes people decisions data can be found in this excellent TLNT article written by Dr. John Sullivan.  The “Michael Jordan of Hiring” explains how the GOOG organizes and directs their HR organization to “bring the same level of rigor to people-decisions that we do to engineering decisions.”

The other helpful  gem is from Google HR executive Kathryn Dekas presenting “People Analytics: Using Data To Drive HR Strategy & Action” at a Strata conference.  Her story will inspire you to put some people analytics into action,  and it is a must watch video for any HR or management executive.

Please share any advice or thoughts on the topic of people analytics below.    If you want more information on how we help companies get started people analytics, contact me at kevin [at]

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