HowTo: Connect Your LinkedIn Profile To Your MeritShare Profile

Do you have an amazing MeritShare public profile page highlighting all of your great peer recognition and want to show it off to your network on LinkedIn?

Good News!

LinkedIn has a ‘publications’ feature on your profile where you can easily add a link to your MeritShare Public Profile, helping you to build your professional brand online by letting your LinkedIn visitors know about your great employee recognition activity on MeritShare!

How To Connect Your LinkedIn Profile to your MeritShare Profile:

Step 1) Sign into LinkedIn
Step 2) Go to “Profile” -> “Edit Profile
Step 3) Locate the “Publications” section

  • Note: if you don’t see “Publications” in the main column, it may be in the area to the right of your profile

Step 4) Click “Add New”
Step 5) Fill out the Publication fields as follows:

  • Title: Employee Recognition Profile for [your name]
  • Publication/Publisher: MeritShare
  • Publication Date: [enter the current date]
  • Publication URL: [your meritshare public URL]
  • Note: Find your public URL under the “Your Profile” section on your My Settings page, it should look something like this: “”
  • Description: You can leave blank

Step 6) Click “Save”

You’re done!  Now you’ve helped improve your professional reputation online by connecting your LinkedIn work history to your MeritShare recognition history.

Great job!

Screenshot of LinkedIn “Add Publication” Screen: 



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