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Today’s MeritShare innovator series interview is with one of Vizify’s founders, Todd Silverstein.

If you haven’t tried Vizify yet, you should.  We were very impressed with how easy it is to use and how well it shows up on search results for your name.   We recently recommended the service for the Mashable Article: You Will Be Googled.

Vizify helps you look your best online with graphical bios. They’re a series of interactive infographics that tell your story, from your most tweeted words to your career history and personal and professional interests. Vizify builds & updates most of this for your from your social media content, but we also provide themes and vizcards (bite-sized infographics about you) that you can use to truly make your bio all your own.  Use your bio as you would a personal website and  impress potential bosses, client, even dates.

We were curious about the people and vision behind this innovative service and asked Todd to share the “why” behind Vizify and get his advice on managing your online reputation.

Why did you start Vizify?

We were inspired by the growing importance of your online presence, when it comes to finding a job, succeeding in business, even finding a date. When you look at things from the side of the person Googling you to find out more, you realize that there aren’t really great solutions out there for pulling it all together into a constantly up-to-date, comprehensive, and engaging whole.

What are some of your favorite Vizify profiles?

Our Chief Security Officer: is a good example of the personality and style you can bring to your story.

What recommendations do you have for managing your reputation online?

1) Assume everything you post today is public. Don’t post anything online that would make you uncomfortable.

2) Own your full name online, e.g. claiming and

3) Most sites, such as LinkedIn, and Twitter allow you to either put links in your brief bio or to link to other sites. To help yourself be found online, it’s a good idea to interlink the sites you use together. Of course, we believe a Vizify bio makes a great destination to point to from other profiles.

4) Set up a Google Alert for your name so you can monitor what’s said about you.

5) One of the best ways to shape your online presence is to publish new and up-to-date content reflecting your accomplishments, skills, etc. If you’re unsure how to do that, or find it too time consuming, take a peek at our vizcards for some ideas.

Do you search on people online as part of your due diligence on job candidates, business partners, customers, or suppliers/vendors? 

Of course, I look to see if they have a Vizify bio first! :) I also use Rapportive, a gmail plug-in, which does all the heavy lifting for you and displays social media profiles of the people you email.

What unique things do you do to create a unique work culture or engage your team/employees?

Every Wednesday (which is when we ship new code), we have a “5:05″ (borrowed shamelessly from Andy Sack’s model while we were in TechStars), where every team member has a chance to share their high & low for the week with the rest of the team. We’re also big on transparency– we have a monthly all-hands where we share our progress and numbers. We also do a team lunch together each Friday, which really helps keep the lines of communications open.

What mascot best represents your company culture/spirit?

Hmm, I’m sure my cofounders would disagree, but I’d have to pick dragons.  Either that or breakdancing chickens.

What are some of your favorite new online/mobile services?

I’m fond of one tab for Chrome (I’m a too many open tabs fiend), hootsuite (it’s a great way to keep up with high twitter traffic) and mad mimi a really great lightweight email newsletter program.

We thank Todd for spending time with us to answer our questions on the heels of a big product launch.  Todd and has team just released “Vizcards” a fun way to create eye-popping graphics about yourself.  You can reach Todd on Vizify or  Twitter.


HowTo: Connect Your LinkedIn Profile To Your MeritShare Profile

Do you have an amazing MeritShare public profile page highlighting all of your great peer recognition and want to show it off to your network on LinkedIn?

Good News!

LinkedIn has a ‘publications’ feature on your profile where you can easily add a link to your MeritShare Public Profile, helping you to build your professional brand online by letting your LinkedIn visitors know about your great employee recognition activity on MeritShare!

How To Connect Your LinkedIn Profile to your MeritShare Profile:

Step 1) Sign into LinkedIn
Step 2) Go to “Profile” -> “Edit Profile
Step 3) Locate the “Publications” section

  • Note: if you don’t see “Publications” in the main column, it may be in the area to the right of your profile

Step 4) Click “Add New”
Step 5) Fill out the Publication fields as follows:

  • Title: Employee Recognition Profile for [your name]
  • Publication/Publisher: MeritShare
  • Publication Date: [enter the current date]
  • Publication URL: [your meritshare public URL]
  • Note: Find your public URL under the “Your Profile” section on your My Settings page, it should look something like this: “”
  • Description: You can leave blank

Step 6) Click “Save”

You’re done!  Now you’ve helped improve your professional reputation online by connecting your LinkedIn work history to your MeritShare recognition history.

Great job!

Screenshot of LinkedIn “Add Publication” Screen: 



Three Steps To Professional Branding with MeritShare

In addition to the great team and culture building benefits of peer recognition in the workplace, MeritShare offers something unique to our users – we offer every user on the platform the ability to build their professional brand online just by participating in positive peer recognition at the office.

Professional BrandingEach user on MeritShare has a public profile associated with their own recognition.  When you give peer recognition on MeritShare, the recognition you give shows up on your public profile page.  If you mark the recognition you send as private, only the award name will be visible publicly.  If the recognition you send or receive is public, the full detail of the recognition is visible instantly on your profile – helping you build your professional brand online.

Here are Three Steps to Professional Branding with MeritShare:

Step 1 – Sign up using your company email at

MeritShare requires your work email so we can ensure the recognition on the platform is professional and is given by people who have actually worked with you on a professional basis.

Step 2 – Complete Your Profile With Your Full Name and a Photo

Adding your full name and a photo is key to domination the first page of Google results for your name.  A profile enriched with a photo and your full  name shows Google that this is high quality, unique content about YOU and it’ll allow you to push down your personal Google results, replacing them with your professional Google results.

Step 3 – Recognize a Coworker with High Quality Professional Praise

We help hundreds of companies and thousands of users improve their company culture and employee engagement through peer recognition.  By sending some high quality, professional recognition to a coworker – you will be recognized as a leader within your team, even if you don’t have the job title to prove it.  By sending the recognition on MeritShare vs. email, a record of your recognition will show up on your own public profile on MeritShare – helping you boost your professional brand in just minutes.

Thats it! It takes just a few minutes to set up your account and send you first bit of peer recognition on MeritShare.  Your coworkers will love the recognition they receive and you can help build your own professional brand in the process.