Taking Recognition to the Next Level – MeritShare is Now Terryberry

Exciting News!  MeritShare is now part of Terryberry!

The new partnership with Terryberry offers MeritShare customers additional benefits, including:

  • Social Employee Recognition Platform, Give a WOW!
  • Plug-in Modules for Service Awards, Performance Points and More
  • Global Support System
  • Local Customer Service
  • Expanded Selection of Employee Recognition Products

Check out the full Press Release.

Terryberry announces the acquisition of MeritShare, an innovative employee recognition software company located in Seattle, WA – to support their objective of expanding their offering of advanced social-media style employee recognition platforms.

(PRWEB) December 2013

Global employee reward and recognition leader Terryberry proudly announces the acquisition of MeritShare of Seattle, a strategic move designed to help Terryberry continue to advance their very successful human resources-based initiatives and product lines that address employee satisfaction and engagement.

MeritShare was founded in July 2012 by entrepreneurs Travis Pearl and Kevin Nakao. MeritShare quickly garnered media attention from publications like VentureBeat, Recruiter.com, and Geekwire for their innovative software platform and mission make employee recognition fun, simple, and social.  New York Times best selling author and Forbes columnist Kevin Kruse named Pearl and Nakao to his list of “101 Top Engagement Experts” in his book “Employee Engagement for Everyone.”   MeritShare was also one of the first companies to come out of the 9Mile Labs enterprise accelerator program started by former Microsoft, HP, Adobe, and Gartner executives.

Terryberry’s acquisition of MeritShare will support their objectives for growth as they continue to lead the industry in social-media style employee recognition platforms.

“In a short amount of time since their launch, MeritShare has succeeded in making strides to advance the concept of social-media style recognition,” explains Mike Byam, Managing Partner at Terryberry.  “MeritShare’s mission of providing recognition in an innovative and fun way really compliments Terryberry’s business.”

“We started MeritShare because recognition is one of the most under-utilized, but powerful tools anyone can use to motivate people,“ says Kevin Nakao, CEO and Co-Founder of MeritShare.   CTO and Co-founder of MeritShare, Travis Pearl adds, “We proved that peer recognition works and we are very happy Terryberry will help MeritShare customers take their recognition program to the next level.”

MeritShare’s customers will have access to upgrade to Terryberry’s highly innovative and robust Give a WOW platform which provides many additional features and benefits like a branded interface, single sign-on, integrated service awards, and more award options.  The acquisition will also provide MeritShare’s customers with access to Terryberry’s comprehensive line of employee recognition programs, global support system, local customer service, and expanded selection of employee recognition products.

“We are pleased to bring MeritShare’s customers into the Terryberry family, and we are excited about how Terryberry’s mission supports the original vision of MeritShare of making work better through effective recognition,” Byam states.

About Terryberry

Terryberry serves more than 25,000 clients throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Family-owned for four generations, Terryberry specializes in employee appreciation and employee recognition gifts, products and services to keep employees engaged and motivated and companies growing in positive directions. For more information, please visit http://www.terryberry.com. 800.253.0882


MeritShare Featured in Top Tech Publication Venture Beat

The CEO and founder of Vungle, Zain Jaffer.  His company was one of our pilot customers and just share this:

“that is cool – the meaning of honey badger is so much stronger internally in our team since we got the physical award from you – it’s done great wonders for our culture!”

MeritShare has figured out a new way to give employees recognition through game-like incentives. The Seattle-based startup is one more company that is offering “gamification” services, or making non-game applications more engaging with game-like rewards.

Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2012/12/19/meritshare-finds-a-way-to-gamifiy-employee-recognition-exclusive/#7UpHMO8sTD0LHvRO.99

Fight The Zombies At Work With Fist Pumps & Honey Badgers

MeritShare is a brand new service that makes it easy for anyone to give recognition or show appreciation.

Over the last couple of months we have been working with a few select companies who have been using MeritShare as pilot customers.  When you build something like MeritShare that requires user participation there is always a fear that no one will care.  We have been very happy with the participation and feedback like: “Fun, Awesome, I love how the team is interacting, I was surprised to see someone from every team get involved”.  People do care, you just need to let them.

Most people want a better workplace, and showing appreciation and recognition can be a very important contributing factor.  Traditionally recognition and awards have been in the domain of management and leadership.  Some companies do a great job of this, but many suck with over 50% of people saying they don’t feel appreciated at work.  Our goal is to change this by giving everyone super-powers of appreciation.  We don’t want to replace effective “top-down” award programs, but compliment with the input and actions of all employees.   Today is the first step in this great mission to make work better, please join us by going to MeritShare today and giving a deserving co-worker some well-needed praise.

Our Official Announcement:

MeritShare is launching first employee recognition service that combines both online and offline awards, peer recognition, social trophies, and gamification features.

SEATTLE, WA – December 19, 2012 – Employee recognition and appreciation are important drivers of employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. However, despite the fact that companies spend over $46 billion dollars a year on recognition programs, studies show that over 50% of employees do not feel appreciated and 59% are unsatisfied at work. To help solve this problem, today, MeritShare is launching the first employee recognition service that combines both online and offline awards, peer recognition, social trophies, and gamification features to help companies motivate, inspire, and ultimately, retain their teams.

MeritShare’s online service creates a company-specific online site with awards, shout-outs, comments and points. MeritShare manages email engagement campaigns, reminders, and a weekly email digest to build a stronger work community around recognition and achievement.

Companies that use MeritShare can choose from stock social trophies or create and customize their own awards. San Francisco start-up Vungle who has been piloting MeritShare to reinforce company values like persistence with a Honey Badger award. MeritShare also leverages a physical element to its recognition strategy. For Vungle, MeritShare created a Honey Badger trophy for the company engraved with their logo and a matching online badge. Each new winner of the Honey Badger award is added to the “traveling” trophy on an engraved placard updated by MeritShare each month. Virtual and physical recognition encourages companies like Vungle to interact and appreciate one-another in both their online and offline worlds.

“As demand for talent continues to outpace supply, companies need to do more than offer perks de jour to retain their best employees,” said Travis Pearl, co-founder of MeritShare. Pearl adds, “With MeritShare, we offer organizations of any size, a easy and affordable way to for employees to give and receive recognition and appreciation.”

“MeritShare makes it easy to provide internal recognition and the social features help ensure more people know about key accomplishments across our growing organization,” says Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi, a leading mobile media company and one of the top places to work in Seattle. “Our team partnered with MeritShare to develop a “ThankZ” award that encourages peer recognition and we’ve seen tremendous involvement from our employees at levels.”

MeritShare provides a free non-expiring service and premium tiers that start at $99 per month. Unlike other employee recognition providers, MeritShare does not require companies to purchase prizes and points. “Whether you manage a team or are an individual, you can start using MeritShare right now,” said Kevin Nakao, co-founder of MeritShare. “Our mission is to arm everyone with super powers of appreciation & motivation.”


About MeritShare:
MeritShare was started this summer by Seattle technology veterans Travis Pearl and Kevin Nakao. Both previously worked at WhitePages (top 40 website) and launched several popular mobile and premium services.

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Best Places To Work in Seattle & Washington: What You Need To Know

MeritShare can help you drive employee engagement. Contact kevin@meritshare.com for more information

Winning a “Best Places To Work” designation can really help with your recruiting and appeal to top candidates.  Participation is also a great check point on the health of your work culture.   Get your employees engaged now with MeritShare and make sure you submit your application by the deadlines below.

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