8 Tips to Thank a Colleague from the University of Arizona

University of Arizona LogoToday’s post brings some great tips from the University of Arizona’s Human Resources department on ideas for recognizing and appreciating your coworkers.

You can go visit the full post on their site, here are our favorites pulled from the list:


  1. Include “kudos” as an agenda item in staff meetings. Being consistent around recognition makes it a habit and will increase the frequency of recognition among your employees over time.
  2. Add a recognition “Thank You” board to the office. It can be a bulletin board in lunch room, a white board in the lobby or, for the techies, a big screen TV in a common area that shows coworker recognition posted on a wiki or shared page provided by IT.
  3. Ask your colleague’s opinion or ideas on a project or help with a new process. Asking for advice/expertise is a more subtle form of recognition; advice says “You’ve shown to be an expert in this subject, I’d be honored to have your opinion on this” and can go a long way to making your coworkers feel appreciated.
  4. Create a picture poster of a recent team or group win as a way to reinforce team accomplishments.
  5. Wash a coworker’s car in the parking lot at lunch (year-round in Arizona, seasonal in Seattle)
  6. Write several ‘thank you’ post it notes and decorate a coworker’s cube or a team’s work space
  7. Make a personal or team gift to the coworker’s favorite charity – this can be a very personal gesture for those who align themselves closely with a non-profit or charitable organization.
  8. Thank coworkers who thank others – teamwork is about mutual respect and appreciation and do your best to encourage and foster that in your coworkers as well.

Check out the full list over at the University of Arizona Human Resources website and get out there and thank some colleagues! ┬áIf you’re looking for an easy way to thank your colleagues online, give MeritShare a try – we make peer recognition simple, fun and social and help you create a community of positive peer recognition inside your organization.

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